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Re: FC7t2 Installation Woes

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McBroom, Robert C wrote:
> Pulled down the FC7t2 DVD last weekend.  The install is very unhappy
> with my hardware.  Right off the bat it complains about my NVIDIA
> graphics card (32MB TNT2) and throws me into text mode.  I can deal with
> that but then it loses my DVD drive and starts trying to find the source
> on my secondary CD drive.  My IWILL motherboard has both the standard
> IDE1,2 as ATA 100 and an auxillary IDE3,4 as ATA 133.  I have two hard
> drives on IDE1, DVD and CD on IDE2 and a third hard drive on IDE3.  FC6
> sees the drives as
> hda-first hard drive
> hdb-second hard drive
> hdc-DVD
> hdd-CD
> hde-Third hard drive

F7 uses a scsi type of software so sda = 1st HD sdb = 2nd and I'd bet
that sdc is the third.  CD / DVD (at least here) is  scd0 (I only have
the 1)

If you do an ls on /dev/disk you'll find 4 directories that will allow
you to find out which device is which or if you do an ls -l of cd* or
dvd* you should see where the links point to


> Robert McBroom 

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