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RE: ndiswrapper in FC7 working?

I was trying to install it (ndiswrapper) from an rpm and none worked. I ended up installing it straight from the source and it works fine. This e-mail is coming from the laptop running via wireless with FC7 test 2!

The new kernel came out in last night's yum update, I redid the "make install" sequence and it works too.



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On Sat, 2007-03-10 at 22:48 -0500, Arch Willingham wrote:
> I have been round and round on trying to get the bcm43xx working in FC7 test 2 but finally hit a dead end - its a no go (details are on this test list). I was going to try to go back to the ndiswrapper boat but can't find a ndiswapper package to work with FC7. All attempts to load it have been met by dependency issues. Has anyone had any luck with it?

try the dkms-ndiswrapper rpm at freshrpms.net

> Thanks,
> Arch

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