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Re: [SECURITY] Fedora Core 6 Test Update: kernel-2.6.20-1.2925.fc6

Chuck Ebbert wrote:
Ronald Warsow wrote:
- are there some more debug options *OFF* :-) , if it becomes a release
kernel ?
leads to:
- what is the main diff. between a *test* kernel and a *release* kernel:
'want say: is it necessary to *exchange* the test kernel with the
release kernel, when there is a same-version release kernel ?
('want to save some yum remove... / yum install tasks, if possible)

Test kernels are exactly what is released, if the version numbers
are the same. (I think maybe the digital signatures are different
but that would be it.)

- should i bz this suspend issue, in general|then ?

When in doubt, file a bug.

thx 4 the clarification.
my doubt is to file some *more* bugs against vbetools and as i know, fedora is under-men-powered, so i think i save some workload for the fedora people and save some more power, since the box is able to hibernate, and my time to translate my thoughts to understandable english filling a bz for thinks i can live with.


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