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Re: yum and broken deps

oldman wrote:
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Jim Cornette wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
oldman wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Jerry Williams wrote:
I installed it, but I still have issues.

yum -y --skip-broken update
I have the plugin installed and ran the update. It did not run through
the routine and install what it could for me either.

I think I ran yum --skip-broken -y update though. Would the order
since it is prefixed with the -- before the option?


It shouldn't matter which comes first. It seems to me that the plugin is
easily confused though.  It's my recollection that the error messages
left by the plugin make it much easier to build the --exclude line as it
has always been that some program already installed will break due to
the program waiting to be installed that throws the error. OTOH a
program that can't meet its dependencies will be skipped properly.  It
might be that the plugin is not acting properly though - I may do some
looking for docs & maybe file a BZ unless someone does it first.

I was thinking that the -- followed by the parameter would not matter
for order.

I didn't have any luck with the plugin and resorted to the script that
Dave posted a long while back to update the system. The strange thing
is that after letting the script update the remaining packages,
(Mostly gnome)the remaining packages were ALL installed. Running yum
with or without the --skip-broken parameter would fail to complete

All rpms are installed from development now.



I think the problem with yum and the skip-broken resides because of
these dep errors put out by package-cleanup. Why the packages all
installed with a one by one script is confusing to me though.

 package-cleanup --problems
Setting up yum
Reading local RPM database
Processing all local requires
Missing dependencies:
Package gnome-applets requires libgucharmap.so.5
Package frysk requires libgcj.so.7rh

locate libgucharmap.so

locate libgcj.so

Maybe you just got lucky, as I am currently upgrading gucharmap and
libgcj (and the new versions of frysk and gnome-applets too!)and I used
the yum --skip-broken.
The yum plugin seems to work quite a bit faster for me, but I'm still
not convinced it's properly excluding some packages that it should and
at least 2 packages it has seriously broken yum to the point that yum
threw a python exception.


I have just checked in a smarter edition of the skip-broken plugin in yum-utils upstream CVS.
The output from the plugin is now much better.

I you want to test it you can grab it here.

Just copy the .py file to /usr/lib/yum-plugins and the .conf to /etc/yum/plugin.conf.d


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