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Re: yum and broken deps

Tim Lauridsen wrote:

I think the problem with yum and the skip-broken resides because of
these dep errors put out by package-cleanup. Why the packages all
installed with a one by one script confused me.

Missing dependencies:
Package gnome-applets requires libgucharmap.so.5
Package frysk requires libgcj.so.7rh

locate libgucharmap.so

locate libgcj.so

Maybe you just got lucky, as I am currently upgrading gucharmap and
libgcj (and the new versions of frysk and gnome-applets too!)and I used
the yum --skip-broken.
The yum plugin seems to work quite a bit faster for me, but I'm still
not convinced it's properly excluding some packages that it should and
at least 2 packages it has seriously broken yum to the point that yum
threw a python exception.


It was either luck or the one by one script that I used. to finish up the packages starting with g. I got most of the others installed wit a-f and k-z requests prior to running the script.

I have just checked in a smarter edition of the skip-broken plugin in yum-utils upstream CVS.
The output from the plugin is now much better.

I you want to test it you can grab it here.

Just copy the .py file to /usr/lib/yum-plugins and the .conf to /etc/yum/plugin.conf.d


I downloaded the CVS version also so I can try it when the next update run has conflicts. There are 80 packages currently being installed without present conflict.


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