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Re: F7Test2: "Cannot mount volume" after my last update

dexter wrote:
On Fri March 16 2007 19:30:13 Guido Ledermann wrote:

if I connect my USB disk I get an error message (graphically) saying
"Cannot mount volume"
Error org.freedektop.Hal.PermissionDenied
Details: Permission denied: Not in active session

Any hints? Anyone can cormirm this behaviour?


Yep its here to with dvd & usb automounting gnome gives me the dialog you mentioned plus the very informative one with just a stop sign and no text??? rewinding hal* to 5.8 and ConsoleKit brings back dvd automounting but usb mounts are still dead on the desktop :-(

Short answer - if you are not logging in through GDM (if you do like I do and you start at runlevel 3, log in via the console, and then run startx) then the changes to HAL for fast user switching mean you won't be able to automount media.

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