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Alsa problem

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    I recently purchased a usb headset, and since I have nearly no
experience with usb devices (save the printer which pretty much works
well and transparently), plugged in, checked dmesg, saw that it was
recognized. I opened up gnome-volume-control and found that I could
select the headset as the speaker etc, etc.

    The problem comes if I boot with the headset plugged in alsa /
udev / hal apparently does not see the normal sound device (it does
not appear in the gnome-volume-control).  I looked at
/etc/asound.state as suggested by the alsactl man page and that looks
like it should (it describes the state of many controls, many more
than I currently show in alsamixer or volume-control).

    If I boot to FC6 with the headset plugged in, all works well,
volume-conntrol lists my normal soundcard, an oss device as well as
the USB headset/microphone.

    I looked in Bugzilla, but found nothing.  Any one else with
similar problems?  Shoud BZ be filed against Hal? Udev? ALSA?  I lean
towards Udev (the hardware works if USB is not plugged in and alsa
works, though incorrectly)

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