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kvm-16 and f7t2 livecd

I've noticed that when I boot the Fedora 7 Test 2 livecd with
kvm-16/qemu (VT enabled) that the network doesn't activate and the
screen resolution maximum is 800x600.  Using the network tool to
activate the network causes the adapter to get an ip address.

Grub doesn't display properly, but that's a known problem from what I
can tell when reading through the kvm archives. Using the -std-vga
option allows grub to display properly, but an error message is
produced.  Pressing enter at the garbled screen allows the boot
process to continue.

For comparison, I can boot a Knoppix iso and the network activates.
The screen resolution is greater than 800x600.

I'm running on FC6 with the latest updates.  KVM-16 was downloaded on
Thursday.  Here's the command that I'm using to boot the iso images.
/usr/local/bin/qemu -cdrom iso_file_name -m 768

James Hubbard

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