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Re: New list: fedora-qa-list

tor, 22 03 2007 kl. 14:30 -0400, skrev Will Woods:
> Hello!
> I'd like to announce the creation of a new mailing list: fedora-qa-list.
> This list is for the small (but growing) Fedora QA team. Discussions
> will be around writing, using, and improving test tools, writing and
> executing test cases and "how-to-test" documents, talking about release
> requirements, figuring out ways to get better bug reports, and so on.
> fedora-test-list is still the place to talk about problems with rawhide
> and Fedora's test releases. 
> If you'd like to join the Fedora QA team and/or help make Fedora work
> better, feel free to join the list.

How about listing this on the wiki communication page?

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