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ping kernel maintainer's: question of a bug status


it's about Bugzilla Bug 229968

reading and trying to understand what is mentioned under "upstream" from

i'm currently unsure what "fixed upstream" definitively means and need
some help.

if upstream in this case means ~one of the next kernels~ it should be
fixed right now, or am i wrong ? - up to now i pasted two kernels,
without luck, but i don't want to raise bureaucracy -

am i right in thinking of "kernel bug fixing" goes:
rawhide kernel -> bug -> redhat/fedora bz -> "fixed upstream" -> (one of
the) next rawhide kernel.

or do i miss a step in this line ?

another question: new kernel mailing list
i can imagine that it's also created to save some workload raised by the need of "visual grep-ing" test -or -devel lists for kernel related issues.

so where to put my stuff if i test a kernel: kernel- or test-list ?


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