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logout times

After recent updates a logout session times from gnome-session,
which for a while had an unfortunate tendency to grow, reached
ridiculous values.  I was even convinced that "Logout" does not
work anymore but found that I was mistaken.  You only have to wait
around two minutes before it will happen (checked with a wall-clock

It is even funnier when this happens if you do "Logout" and let this
"60 second alert" to timeout. You have a countdown, it gets to zero,
alert vanishes, and nothing happens for a long while.  Everything
actually seems to operational.  And suddenly there is a surprise
event and logout is really done.

This is way past "laughing test" and a behaviour is  consistent
across various accounts on my test machine.  Is this just me or
this is more widespread?  Anybody has an idea what is going on
and where to look for reasons?


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