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Re: ipw3945 not working with kernel 2.6.20-1.2925.fc6

fedora-test-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 03/28/2007 09:51:19 AM:

> On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 08:33 +0300, Mauri Sahlberg wrote:
> > Gianluca Sforna kirjoitti:
> > > On 3/21/07, Horst H. von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl> wrote:
> > >> > > You will have to check with one of the other repositories
> > >> (freshrpms,
> > >> > > etc) for items to get the ipw3945 working. If it was working in
> > >> > > past, but doesnt work now.. then it is probably that the module
> > >> needs
> > >> > > an update from whatever repository you got ipw3945 from.
> > >> >
> > >> > Looks like there are no updates, drats!!
> > >
> > I have ipw3945 working on W1 pro Express dual with current
> > released/updated FC6 kernel. Driver is straight from the Intel's site:
> > http://support.intel.com/support/notebook/sb/CS-006408.htm. There are
> > several good installation instructions on the web and the ones
> > in the package are not bad either. But if you need yet another set of
> > instructions, I can translate the ones I have made for myself from
> > Finnish to English.
> In the past, I used the rpm installation but that no longer works.
> I would be very thankful if you gave your instructions in english.
> I now have an updated  kernel-2.6.20-1.2933for FC6 I hope it will still
> work?

I avoided installing wireless stuff from the respositories, so I used
a variety of other peoples notes to come up with something that worked
for me, because it seemed that other's notes, were not complete enough.

Here are my notes for installing 3945 support on FC6:

- mkdir wireless; cd wireless
- download the following (into the wireless directory except for a)):

  a) yum install kernel-devel
  b) http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net      ipw3945-1.2.0.tgz
  c) http://bughost.org/ipw3945/ucode    ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2.tgz
  d) http://bughost.org/ipw3945/daemon   ipw3945d-1.7.22.tgz
  e) http://ieee80211.sourceforge.net    ieee80211-1.2.16.tgz
  f) http://fedoraos.org/ipw3945/ipw3945

- Edit item f) so it uses a pid file in /var/run directory
  (instead of creating the non-existant directory it wants to use)
- chmod +x ipw3945
- Move item from f) to /etc/rc.d/init.d/ipw3945

- untar/unzip the downloaded tarballs...

- cd ieee80211-1.2.16; make; make install   (answer 'yes' to all questions)
- cd ../ipw3945-1.2.0; make IEEE80211_IGNORE_DUPLICATE=y; make install
- cd ../ipw3945_ucode-1.14.2; cp ipw3945.ucode /lib/firmware
- cd ../ipw3945d-1.7.22; cp x86/ipw3945d /usr/sbin
- chkcfg --add ipw3945

(Note: you may need additional steps to install knetworkmanager,
 NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher  I don't remember
 what I selected during the original install to select those.)

- use menu->service mgr to install/activate:
   ipw3945, NetworkManager, NetworkManagerDispatcher
  & save, then restart the computer to test it

- use menu->system-knetworkmanager  to start the tasklet.

- use the tasklet to select my wireless node to connect to,
  when it asks for the password, enter it...
  when it asks about storing (all) passwords in Kwallet
  say 'yes'.  (and yes, I use KDE, not Gnome)

Hope this helps.

This document is strictly confidential and intended only for use by the addressee unless otherwise stated.  If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete it from your system.

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