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[F7 test3] Xorg nv driver


I tested F7 test3 KDE-live CD on my machine affected by BZ #183110. Unfortunately with F7 test3 X is still bad -- at best I see black screen, at worst some colorful rubbish. Luckily I can drop to console and grab the logs. Developers assure me that nv driver 2.0.1/2.0.2 fixes lots of lockups but (correct me if I'm wrong) as far as I can tell F7 test3 has nv 2.0.0.


1. Is there any chance to get updated nv driver? Perhaps in test4?

2. Is there any console-based web browser on the live CDs? When things go wrong and X doesn't start it would be *very* helpful to be able to at least try and Google for some hints what's wrong or how to try and fix/diagnose what's wrong. (I tried links/lynx/w3m -- have I missed some other browser?)


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