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preferred bugzilla category for test release 3?


I was playing around with test3 LiveCD yesterday (excellent job BTW
... I was able to install and use Beryl all within the LiveCD
environment) and submitted a few bugs that I found (not specifically
about Beryl ... I was just pretty happy it and Compiz finally works on
my ATI 800XL out of the box).

When looking through the components and products that you can choose
from I found things a little ambiguous as to the best selections of

I just picked Fedora Core instead of Extras ... with the merging of
those two, will there still be some sort of line between the for bug

Also, there was "devel" and "test3" there ... which is the best place
to put reported bugs under when testing f7test3 so they won't get
overlooked ... all the other test categories were labeled f(x)test(y),
etc. but there was no f7test3? I just picked "devel" since I wasn't
sure if testx categories were just leftovers from a previous release.


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