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Re: F7t3 x86_64 Live CD tests

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 19:31 -0700, Jim Bevier wrote:
> I have an AMD x86_64 system that I run rawhide on.  I downloaded the x86_64
> live cd and booted it up.  I have a primary disk controller that has two 160
> GB pata disks that rawhide sees as sda & sdb.  I also have a Sata Promise
> controller that has two more 160GB pata disks that rawhide sees as sdc &
> sdd.  The live cd changes the device assignments to sda & sdb to the Sata
> Promise controller and sdc & sdd for the primary disk controller.  Should I
> treat this as a bug or will everything be alright if I actually try to
> install on one of the primary drives?

Since we're using shiny new IDE drivers that use the libata code (like
the SATA drivers do), all IDE drives will now have names like /dev/sdX
instead of /dev/hdX. 

See the known issues on the test page:

This will be in the release notes for F7. (In fact, I'm kind of
surprised it isn't there already, so I'm adding it.)

> Also, it would be really nice if ntfs support was enabled for the live cd.

Patent issues with the NTFS code have kept us from shipping that by
default. Maybe someday.


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