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Re: F7Test2 install

EB wrote:

During a initial installation of F7T2 on a fresh, empty, VMware partition,
at the end of the install process the dialog demands an additional user be
set up.  The password for the one I entered was flagged as being too
insecure because of a dictionary word.  The popup dialog asked if I wanted
to retry.  I said NO.  (the mind your own business, stop working for the
nanny state button was not available).  The script, and the machine, hung.
Reboot was the only action I could take.

This is a bug which should be reported. Perhaps try with test 3 spins

After reboot, the script recovered nicely.  This install was just for
testing on a personal laptop.  Security was not an issue.  If I wanted to
use 'x' for a password, why not let me?

There is no way to predict what the user is going to use the system for. The safe route is to retain the checks.


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