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Re: f7t4 problems (fakerama RANDR, hope not!)

Amit Rana wrote:
More information....

Another place where laptop hangs while booting....

Switched to high resolution mode on CPU1
PnP:00:03: ioport range 0x1080-0x10bf has been reserved
.....some more messages PnP
PnP:00:0b: iomem range 0xfed00000-0xfed003ff could not be reserved

I noticed that there two packages related to x

shall I try to uninstall them and install older version and try?

The newer version fixes the problem that I used to have with the 3/4 screen fill with dual head. Are you running dual head or have a video card which can do dual head operation?

It could be possible that you needed the fakerama element from the older package. I hope the cause on your end is different from the patch that fixed my dual display system.


changelog entry excerpt:
- xserver-1.3.0-xkb-and-loathing.patch: Ignore (not just block) SIGALRM
  around calls to Popen()/Pclose().  Fixes a hang in openoffice when
  opening menus.
- Modify BuildRequires to use the virtual protocol Provides.

* Wed Apr 25 2007 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com>
- xserver-1.3.0-less-randr-fakerama.patch: Disable RANDR's fake Xinerama
  geometry when there's more than one protocol screen. (#231257)

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