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Re: f7t4 problems

On 5/1/07, Caerie Houchins <cdhouch gmail com> wrote:
On 5/1/07, Amit Rana <amit rana gmail com > wrote:
More information....

Another place where laptop hangs while booting....

Switched to high resolution mode on CPU1
PnP:00:03: ioport range 0x1080-0x10bf has been reserved
.....some more messages PnP
PnP:00:0b: iomem range 0xfed00000-0xfed003ff could not be reserved

I noticed that there two packages related to x

shall I try to uninstall them and install older version and try?

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Having the same problem with the video coming up white.  It appears to be tied to the intel driver for the video card somehow.  Still gathering information.

Caerie Houchins

This is definitely an incompatibility with the new xorg-x11-server-Xorg- and the Intel driver found in the i810 x11 driver rpm.  The system worked when I set the driver to the standard i810 but looked horrible (to be expected).  I downgraded xorg-x11-server-Xorg from 1.30 back to 1.29 found on the FC7 T4 DVD and everything appears to be working again.

For the record I have the intel i945 graphics card on my Dell laptop.  If you have this card and are using the "intel" driver, you probably want to skip the new xorg-x11-server package in rawhide today.

Caerie Houchins

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