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Re: FC7T4 Install Failure(SCSI READ ERRORS)

Sean Bruno wrote:
Sorry for the late install folks, I know this is T4 and I should have
gotten around to this sooner.  It's been a while since I've had some
time to use a test release(I'm not sure where FC7T4 bugs go in bugzilla
Not sure why I would get these errors on install, and I'm not quite sure
if they are from my hard drives or my CDROM.  I _assume_ that this is a
CDROM drive read failing.  I have a Sony DVD Burner, model DRU-800A.

The system is a dual-opteron running on the ASUS K8N-DL mobo and runs
FC6 x86_64 just fine.

Using the x86_64 DVD ISO, I attempted to install.  The following errors
are the last display on my console after I skip the media check in
anaconda.  After selecting skip, I see an error message about anaconda
being terminated.

Don't skip it. Make sure that the ISO file you downloaded matches the sha1sum too.


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