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Re: iwlwifi in kernel 2.6.21-1.3125 (was Re: F7t4 KDE live CD test report)

Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
dragoran dragoran wrote:

can you try the kernel from here:
iwlwifi works fine for me using this (and the previous one) the version in the livecd does not even connet to my wpa/wpa2 ap.
but no everything seems to work with it, traffic, ping etc.

The iwlwifi in the kernel from davej is much better, but all is not sweetness and light, at least when running Network Manager. I have attached my observations to this message, but they boil down to two things:

1/ Connection strengths don't seem to be correct.
noticed this too:
2/ It is impossible to change wifi networks.

only with nm (have not tested it yet;lack of aps...) or also when you do it by hand (wpa_supplicant or iwconfig for unencrypted aps) ?

and please file a bug with the description you wrote

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