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Re: sd, sd, who's got the sd

On Wed, 2 May 2007 18:28:41 -0500
"Styma, Robert E (Robert)" <stymar alcatel-lucent com> wrote:

>  > 
> > Hm, I have dosfslabel (from dosfstools) and ntfslabel (from ntfsprogs)
> > on this Fedora box.
> > 
> OK,
>   Let me see if I have this straight.
> 1.  The preferred technique is to have each partition use a label and
>     use the labels in /etc/fstab.
> 2.  You can set the labels on most things during install.  For currently
>     unlabled partitions, you can use:
>     e2label <partition> [<label>]   on ext2/3
>     mkswap -L <label> <partition>   on swap partitions
>     dosfslabel  on vfat file systems (from (dosfstools) - yum install
> dosfstools
>     ntfslabel   on ntfs file systems (from (ntfsprogs)  - yum install
> ntfsprogs
>    (Need to identify what repository contains the two RPMs)
> ----------
> Bob Styma
> Phoenix, AZ

I finally dug up a couple of more filesystems as well:

There is a --label option to reiserfstune.

There is a -L option to jfs_tune (whatever JFS is :-).

There may be something like a "tune" app for most filesystems.

I found a note about someone who didn't like the xfstune name,
but haven't actually found a description of the actual tuning
app for xfs filesystems. It probably goes on and on...

Hey, I found it! xfs_admin has a -L option.

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