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Fedora QA Beats


In order to make testing the entire distribution more orderly, I'm
proposing that we borrow the concept of "Beats" from the Docs team.

Basically we will break the distribution down into a set of categories /
features / etc. called "beats". Each beat will have (at least) one
Official QA Contact who's responsible for monitoring and testing it.
Here's a list of some proposed beats:

      * GNOME 
      * KDE
      * XFCE 
      * Firefox / Thunderbird 
      * Kernel 
      * Installer 
      * Yum/Pup/Pirut 
      * openoffice.org 
      * Xorg 

The QA Contact for each beat is responsible for things like:

- Testing the packages that fall into that category
- Watching the mailing lists for discussions of problems
- Keeping track of bugzilla bugs that relate to that category
- Triaging those bugs
- Reporting testing status to the QA Lead (that's me!)

What do you get? Well, you get to help out the Fedora Project in a big
way, and you'll get credit for that. You get lots of karma points.
Someday we might even award you actual stuff for those karma points..
once we figure out how to keep track of them. But most importantly you
get to make sure your favorite packages get the love and attention they

So, If you'd like to suggest another beat, or if you'd like to be the
official QA person for a beat, please join fedora-qa-list and send mail.



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