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Re: F7-T4 Install Woes (LVM, RAID, grub)

Brian Hanks wrote:
Last night I finally found the time to install F7-T4 on one of my test
boxes.  It was a vast improvement over the previous test releases in
that I actually managed to run the installer in its entirety.  It
recognized my RAID 1 devices and my LVM setup.  All seemed to be well.

Then, the install finished and I hit the Reboot button.  The result was
the Grub prompt.  No panic, I'm quite familiar with Grub.  So, I
proceeded to use the Grub interface to manually boot the new install.  I
set the root device to what I knew was the /boot partition.  A few
commands later, I was puzzled.  I was getting #12 and #13 grub errors.
Odd, but still no panic.  I have a backup of a previous boot partition
that I can use.  Same problem.  Hmmm...  I decided to run the Grub find
command.  It returned the following devicies which are actually an
ubuntu install that I had preserved:  (hd0,8) & (hd1,8).  Now I started
to panic.  I'm quite sure that my two boot partitions (primary & copy)
are (hd0,0) & (hd1,2).  Oh well, I think that maybe something has
changed.  So I try to utilize either of these.   More #12 & #13
I just booted with Knoppix to assess the damage.  The /boot (ext3)
and /var (RAID1 ext3) partitions are completely empty, and the / (RAID1
ext3) partition seems to only be partially populated.  The remainder of
my partitions are LVM, but I'm not going to spend any time assessing the
damage as I know it's probably not good.

Any known issues that might cause this?

-- Brian

I have BZ'd several software raid and LV issues over the months, but they get pretty much ignored as not reproducible. See earlier post this list about problems "FC7T4 Not Seeing Pre-existing software raid arrays" Seems that you must go to console 2 prior to setting up your partitions and make sure your raid arrays and LVs are there and active. Then allow anaconda to move to the partitioning phase and use custom configuration. I first noticed problems with raid arrays and LVs during FC6Test days and they continue with the change to using the SCSI interface for all disk detection and enumeration.


Old Fart
(my reply-to address is "munged" to defeat spambots)

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