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Re: F7T4 PPC installs and boots; other problems

David Woodhouse wrote:
It looks like you tried installing on a disk with DOS partition table.
Although the installer will use the correct partition type on a brand
new disk, it won't _change_ partition types if it finds a partition
table already there -- even if you tell it to throw away all partitions
and start again. So install to a DOS-partitioned disk on a Mac, or to a
Mac-partitioned disk on a PC, and you'll end up with an unbootable
machine because anaconda _won't_ fix it, even though it knows what type
of partition table you need. Some might consider that a bug worth
reporting in bugzilla.

The easy option is to boot a live cd again, use parted to write out an
empty _MAC_ partition table, and reinstall. The cunning option is to see
if you can set up a mac partition table which precisely matches the
location of your original data on the disk.

Thanks to David's help I did:

'parted /dev/hda mklabel mac' after booting a livecd and then 'parted /dev/hda print' to confirm that the partition is labeled "mac."

Performed a successful install and successfully booted fresh the install. Things went a little down hill from there... I don't have time today to report bugs for what I saw and the box has become unstable since I pulled in the latest packages so I'm not sure how productive that would be.

Here are some of the highlights:
o Install boots to runlevel 3; I switched to 5 and entered graphical mode... upon signing into the desktop as root a bunch of gnome applets crashed.
o Installed 20+ updates from rawhide using yum (as prompted by pirut)
o Cannot execute new update of yum from rawhide, it fails with an error message I can't recall.
o After updating and rebooting I lost network connectivity
o Lots of AVC error messages for HAL, dh-client-scripts, and several other applications (some affecting network connectivity?)
o Disabled SELinux, but that didn't seem to help
o Next will attempt a re-install

Curious... what is the expected user experience on PPC? Would we hold up F7 if PPC is not in good shape? From what I've read here I would guess not, but curious none the less.


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