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Re: F7T4 -- pidgin-2.0.0-0.36.beta7.fc7 doesn't list jabber as a available protocol

On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 09:02 -0700, Miles Lane wrote:
> On 5/7/07, Tim Lauridsen <tla rasmil dk> wrote:
> > Miles Lane wrote:
> > > I am attempting to add my googletalk account to Pidgin, but jabber
> > > isn't shown in the list of protocols to select from in the Add Account
> > > dialog.
> > >
> > The protocol used by googletalk and jabber is called XMPP, it's on the list
> The point is that it isn't obvious at all!  For usability's sake,
> please make the entry read "Jabber/XMPP".  Any average new user will
> have never heard of XMPP and anyone who reads the Googletalk help
> information will only see Jabber mantioned.
> Simple fix, really.

Right, nobody's saying it's *hard* to fix, the question is whether it's
*legal*. The name "Jabber" is a registered trademark of Jabber, Inc. so
we have to be sure we're using it legally if we're going to use it at

Luckily, they've set up the Jabber Software Foundation to handle the use
and licensing of the trademark.

I'm not a lawyer, but according to:
it would seem that we are allowed to call it Jabber without a license:

"1.2 General Technology References
In any reference to JABBER that merely refers to it as an instant
messaging and presence technology or XML streaming technology (e.g., in
software documentation), the use of the "®" symbol is requested, but not
required. It is not necessary to obtain or hold a trademark license to
refer to the name of the technology. This type of use is called
"descriptive use" under the trademark laws and requires no license."

They also say:

"We do ask that even in the above situations that you place the ® symbol
after the first prominent use of the JABBER mark, and that if you have
space, and want to be especially law abiding, you place a short legend
at the bottom of the image or text that says "JABBER® is a registered
trademark licensed through the Jabber Software Foundation." This places
everyone else on notice that they cannot use the mark improperly and
protects it for the use by all of us interested in promoting it."

So if we want to do this the Right Way, it should be called
"XMPP/Jabber®" (or just "Jabber®") and somewhere in the program
(probably Help->About) it should say: 
"JABBER® is a registered trademark licensed through the Jabber Software

Interestingly the Help->About screen currently lists "Jabber" without
any such reference. Maybe it's in the docs somewhere?


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