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Re: F7T4 PPC installs and boots; other problems

On Sat, 2007-05-05 at 17:37 -0700, John Poelstra wrote:

> Here are some of the highlights:
> o Install boots to runlevel 3; I switched to 5 and entered graphical 
> mode... 

Huh. What package set did you install? Did you enable Extras or anything
like that during the installation?

> upon signing into the desktop as root a bunch of gnome applets 
> crashed.

I've seen this happen when the system clock is set to something
ludicrous like Jan 1 1903; is your clock OK?

> o Cannot execute new update of yum from rawhide, it fails with an error 
> message I can't recall.

Maybe relating to missing network functionality? yum's error messages in
this case are somewhat opaque.

> o After updating and rebooting I lost network connectivity
> o Lots of AVC error messages for HAL, dh-client-scripts, and several 
> other applications (some affecting network connectivity?)
> o Disabled SELinux, but that didn't seem to help
> o Next will attempt a re-install
> Curious... what is the expected user experience on PPC?  Would we hold 
> up F7 if PPC is not in good shape?  From what I've read here I would 
> guess not, but curious none the less.

Our statistics still indicate that ppc is somewhere between 0.5%[1] and
2%[2] of our userbase, so if it's a *little* rough we can let it slide.
Your experience is more than a little rough, though. Honestly it should
be better than that. Normally, though, we can fix ppc up with a couple
of quick patches here and there. Let's hope it stays that easy.


[1] Can't find a reference for this right now, but this was the number
we calculated during the run up to FC6 final.

[2] http://smolt.fedoraproject.org/stats - remember that this is a count
of power-users who are aware of smolt, and also that machines can be
registered multiple times. Also Woodhouse has like 20 of these machines,
I swear ;)

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