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Re: fc7-t4 - xorg issues

Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
I have included the vnc module in X configuration but any attempt to connect to the server via vncviewer results in X crashing. In the screen section of xorg.conf I have set 'Option "securityTypes" "None"' which works fine for enabling remote connections in FC3 - FC5.

Also, I am unable to use blender because the interface does not draw fully or correctly. And xawtv only works after a fresh boot, after the system has been up and used for a good time the output is black though audio still works.

My video card is a Radeon 7200.

I have had similar issues on FC6 and beyond.  The default xorg.conf
file does not have a modules section.  It is determining what to
load by other means. When I added the section with just a module vnc statement, it dropped loading some other modules which caused errors. My workaround was to scan the /var/log/Xorg.0.log
to see what modules were loaded and then put them in the modules
section.  The operation is still a bit flakey.  It does not work
as well as it did in fc2-fc5.  I get a lot of screen artifacts.

I raised this question on both this list and the Xorg list with
no usable results.  Maybe I will try the VNC list.  There is
a related bugzilla, but it has not gone anywhere.

Bob Styma
Phoenix, AZ

I removed the "Module" section from xorg.conf and now when I connect via vncviewer KDE desktop sharing automatically starts --so that was probably why X was crashing when I had the vnc module loaded.

Changing xorg.conf did not help bender, it is still pretty much unusable.


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