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Re: F7-T4 Install Woes (LVM, RAID, grub)

On 5/9/07, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:
Seriously, we're not ignoring them - I personally have spent a *lot* of
time trying to reproduce these problems. But either I lack the needed
hardware (e.g. Sil 3112 RAID) or I don't have enough information about
the drive/partition layout, and I can't trigger the problems.

If you don't have the info, ask for it. I am one of those with Sil
3112 issues. I would gladly do some extra testing with my hardware,
extra log outputs, test some debug builds, etc. if you gave me some
guidance on what you needed. Right now my drives can be reinstalled
upon and wiped clean as many times as you need as they don't contain a
live system. As soon as I give up on BIOS RAID and install some other
partitioning scheme, I will be much more hesitant to disrupt my live
system. I am even willing give you some scheduled remote access and
share a VNC session from a LiveCD with you on the affected system so
you could watch the install if you want to coordinate on that and it
would help you out.
If I wasn't trying to dual-boot Windows and Fedora on RAID1 drives I
would drop this Sil RAID in a heartbeat and just do SW RAID. But I
want to find a solution for both W2k and Fedora. NTLDR boots Windows
without modification when I enable the Sil RAID and GRUB won't boot
nor will it after reinstalling completely.

My specific BZ #s are:


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