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Re: sd, sd, who's got the sd

With clues from this thread I've fought through to getting a working F7T4, but it was quite a battle.  The T3 DVD would not install at all.  It would boot but could not see itself on my Sony reader.  The live cd would see everything so I did an install from it to a auxillary IDE 133 bus on my MB which was hde.  I have a boot partition and the rest goes in the default LVM setup as the first partition in the extended partition.  GRUB could not find root. 

Along comes the T4 DVD.  Installed from the text install seemingly with no problems.  GRUB could not find root.  Saw the message about the length problems with the default LVM nomenclature so went to reinstall with the LVM names shortened.  Text install would not let me change the default names, could be a problem on low memory systems.  Switched to the graphical mode and installed.  Somehow, although it wasn't supposed to, grub was changed.  Boot just gives me GRUB and does not respond to the keyboard.  Normally it should give me a boot partition on hda3 from which I chain to the boot partition on hde.  Tried fixing GRUB from rescue mode but was unsuccessful to restore the original sequence.  My bios let me put the auxillary IDE BUS as the initial boot device and grub installed successfully for fedora but could not get the other OSs to boot.

Returned to my original bios boot order and reinstalled GRUB from Knoppix.  Slackware and WINDOWS are back.  After copying the kernal and initrd to the hda3 boot partition F7 would boot with the appropriate edits to grub.conf.  Haven't yet been successful in chaining to the boot partition on the F7 drive.  It was a long weekend.

F7 sees my drive structure as


Also could not get fstab to work with labels for the ntfs partitions.  References of the form /dev/sdxy work though.


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