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f7t4 issues

This is my experience on a second machine. I'm not planning on commenting further on any of these until there is a new package set available to install and retest.

1) The install hung at about package 859/1017 on my first try. The media test passed before the install. I think is was on the gthumb-something package. The install was setup to do all three classes (office, programming, web services). The second try made it through ok.

2) After yum-updating to the dev repos for core and extras (which are currently frozen) my devices no longer hotplug. Running gnome-mount using the [-p or -m, -d] options on the command line says :

Cannot mount volume.
You are not privileged to mount the volume 'USBDISK80'.

...for example.

User or root same thing.

This device hotplugged fine prior to updates, although it was not recognized at boot. Had to unplug/replug it to get a desktop icon.

# mount works fine.

3) The system-config-users GUI allowed me to create a new group, but adding a new user to the group just disabled the GUI and made it spin. Had to fall back to /usr/sbin/useradd -g to the new group.

4) Thunderbird mail client crashes on every exit (this is seen running it from the command line).


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