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Re: Windows displayed incorrectly?

>Knute Johnson wrote:
>>> Knute Johnson wrote:
>>>> I've been playing with F7 and have managed to mess up my desktop 
>>>> somehow.  Any windows that I open have no title bar and are in the 
>>>> upper left corner of the screen over the toolbar.  I've tried 
>>>> everything I can think of to fix it.  I've reloaded gdm, I've tried 
>>>> resetting display sizes, and I removed and replaced the toolbar.  If 
>>>> I start the computer as root it works fine, it is just my user that 
>>>> is messed up.  If I use kde or xfce the problem is the same.  Any 
>>>> ideas what I've messed up?
>>> Looks like you enabled Compiz or beryl. Try disabling or uninstalling it 
>>> and check.
>>> Rahul
>> Rahul:
>> How do I do that, just remove them?
>Yes. That should work.

Compiz was installed and I removed it.  There was also a gdm update 
that I just installed.  I tried logging out and back in and there was 
no change.  I rebooted and I still have the window problems but now I 
can't logout or restart from the menu.  I have to open a terminal and 
restart from the command line.  I'm really not sure what I've messed 
up here but it is getting worse.


Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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