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Re: Comment requested on {bugzilla-information-gatherer.sh} script

Ray Strode wrote:

I would welcome any comment that people would like to make to improve the script, or eg the relevance of the data generated etc, whether there are other similar tools, and if there is any security problems with the way I went about it.
You might want to have a look at the sysreport package. Red Hat support
techs ask customers to run to help diagnose problems.  It has some
overlap with your script I think.
Thanks Rahul and Ray for enlightening me to the existence of sysreport.

Having searched for and created numerous bugzilla fedora bugs, I have never seen reference to sysreport before. What would be the reasoning behind this ? The information found would apply just as equally to fedora ?

I can see that it is actually already installed on my fc6 system. Is it normal to take about 8 minutes to run ?

It looks like it does a full rpm -Va - this must be what takes the most time. I see a parameter -norpm; perhaps this could be added/modified to -norpmverify ?

It would also be good to ask the user for the case no / bugzilla number first. Then the final result is not delayed until the user returns to the machine to enter said information.

I would imagine that rh would be open to improvements / modifications ?
In particular I would like to see the user be able to run it with the name of the application {even just the .desktop name}, and hence be able to find out in what package the application with an issue is installed from -> best bet on bugzilla package. Ideally, this should show all output produced by the app when it is run from the command line - mine only gets some messages - it misses for example a python traceback - perhaps needs to get at stderr ?


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