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Re: VMware Workstation 6.0 Final - NoGo on F7T4

On 5/14/07, Christopher A. Williams <chrisw cawllc com> wrote:
Thanks for the pointers! I commented out the line with Wextra and
replaced it with a duplicate that does not include that parameter and
everything compiled as it should.

I'm surprised there isn't anything we can do about the SELinux issues.
Would the troubleshooter be able to help? I'm also curious why this
parameter in the kernel Makefile would cause these kinds of issues.



I believe that '-Wextra' is added to identify kernel/module issues
with 'rapidly changing' rawhide kernels.

'vmware-config.pl' 'test compiles' some test files to try to auto
configure to the local kernel. It interprets compilation
errors/warnings as indicating missing kernel features/etc. '-Wextra'
tells the compiler to generate extra warning messages for certain C
coding constructs. So, VMware gets confused....

SELinux policy for VMware needs to be updated.  I've been too busy/lazy....

For now, the following edit commands 'work around' the problem.  Need
to run this each time you run 'vmware-config.pl':

ed /etc/vmware/locations
1,$s/\(answer BUILDR_vmblock \)yes/\1no/
1,$s/\(answer VMBLOCK_CONFED \)yes/\1no/

There are probably other ways to do this too...

Tom London

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