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Re: wireless works again

On 5/13/07, Per Bothner <per bothner com> wrote:
Wireless, which worked in FC6 but not previously in F7,
now works.  This means that once the Emacs problem is fixed,
I should be able to switch to F7 without regressions.  Yeah!

I especially like being able to switch back and forth between
internal and external monitor, which means I can now boot in
run-level 5, rather than 3 and then manually start X.

There are still problems with suspend and hibernate, but I've
never been able to use those before, so this isn't a regression.
Suspend doesn't work at all, and when waking up from hibernate
(after pm-hibernate) it seems unable to detect a wireless signal.

Still, top of my wishlist for F8 is reliable (and preferably fast)
suspend *or* hibernate.

(I'm also hoping for a nice xrandr GUI integrated into the Screen
Resolution control, perhaps inspired by Apple's.)

Thanks for all the great work!

(This is on a Dell Inspiron R1405 laptop with Intel wireless
and graphics.)
        --Per Bothner
per bothner com   http://per.bothner.com/

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