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Re: Comment requested on {bugzilla-information-gatherer.sh} script

> >> I would welcome any comment that people would like to make to improve 
> >> the script, or eg the relevance of the data generated etc, whether there 
> >> are other similar tools, and if there is any security problems with the 
> >> way I went about it.
> > You might want to have a look at the sysreport package. Red Hat support
> > techs ask customers to run to help diagnose problems.  It has some
> > overlap with your script I think.
> Thanks Rahul and Ray for enlightening me to the existence of sysreport.
> Having searched for and created numerous bugzilla fedora bugs, I have 
> never seen reference to sysreport before. What would be the reasoning 
> behind this ?
I don't know.

> I can see that it is actually already installed on my fc6 system. Is it 
> normal to take about 8 minutes to run ?
I think it takes a while.  I've only used it like once before though.

> I would imagine that rh would be open to improvements / modifications ?
I assume so.  I am guessing bugzilla is the right place to send patches.
Is that right, Than?


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