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Re: Comment requested on {bugzilla-information-gatherer.sh} script

David Timms wrote:

Having searched for and created numerous bugzilla fedora bugs, I have never seen reference to sysreport before. What would be the reasoning behind this ?

It is usually used only in RHEL. No reason for that other than lack of awareness.

The information found would apply just as equally to fedora ?


I can see that it is actually already installed on my fc6 system. Is it normal to take about 8 minutes to run ?


It looks like it does a full rpm -Va - this must be what takes the most time. I see a parameter -norpm; perhaps this could be added/modified to -norpmverify ?

Could be. Also see a next generation version of it in

https://sos.108.redhat.com/. This is also available in the repository. I think sysreport might be replaced by sos at some point. Talk to the maintainers involved before you make any significant improvements.


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