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Re: F7 - NVidia driver broken?


2007/5/15, Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org>:
Florin Andrei wrote:
> Anybody using the NVidia binary driver with kernel-2.6.21-1.3116.fc7? On
> my system, it compiled fine, but it doesn't work - it crashes X whenever
> something tries to do accelerated 3D.
> It worked fine with kernel-2.6.20-1.3056.fc7 and previous kernels. I'm
> using driver build #9755

Hm, nevermind, I upgraded the kernel to kernel-2.6.21-1.3142.fc7 and I'm
using the NVidia F7 packages from ATrpms and it's working fine.

someone from Nvidia told me that one has to use the following command
to compile the Nvidia driver with recent X builds (works for me):

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-9755-pkg2.run --x-module-path=`X
-showDefaultModulePath 2>&1 | cut -d, -f1` --x-library-path=`X
-showDefaultLibPath 2>&1`

Thanks for the info with the ATrpms package, I will look at it.
Before, I used the freshrpms package which isn't available for F7 yet.


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