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Extra processes showing up with kernels 3142, 3149

As of kernel 2.6.21-1.3142.fc7 update, and continuing with 3149, I'm
getting extra foreground processes fired up when logging in to Gnome.

I get two copies of Gkrellm (default session is set to start Gkrellm at
startup, but only once).  I also get three gnome-terminal sessions, two
with my home directory as working-directory, one with
/usr/share/doc/i8kutils-1.25 (I'm starting i8k as a service in runlevel
4-5 on this Dell Latitude D600).  So I'm thinking one one of the sessions
stems from i8k somehow, although it's being fired by root at system
startup, and the the two from the gkrellm startups (why two?), or perhaps
one from gkrellm and one from ssh-agent (fired up because ~/.keychainrc

The ps listing for the parent of all three terminal windows looks like:
epperson 18453 18306  0 20:48 ?        00:00:02 gnome-terminal
--sm-config-prefix /gnome-terminal-NJ0et6/ --sm-client-id
11c0a8006f000117857541200000031370000 --screen 0
--window-with-profile-internal-id=Default --show-menubar
--role=gnome-terminal-3436--898553729-1178675413 --active --geometry
80x24+178+109 --title root d600:~ --working-directory /home/epperson
--zoom 1 --window-with-profile-internal-id=Default --show-menubar
--role=gnome-terminal-3436-575174636-1178757918 --active --geometry
80x24+5+49 --title root home:/etc --working-directory /home/epperson
--zoom 1 --window-with-profile-internal-id=Default --show-menubar
--role=gnome-terminal-3436--348250760-1178758230 --active --geometry
80x24+10+73 --title root d600:/usr/share/doc/i8kutils-1.25
--working-directory /usr/share/doc/i8kutils-1.25 --zoom 1

His parent is /usr/bin/gnome-session.  Any ideas why the terminal windows?
 Just a random glitch?

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