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Re: rawhide report: changes

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Build System wrote:
New package php-pear-HTML-QuickForm-ElementGrid
    Meta-element which holds any other element in a grid

Please fix these reports to have a date in the subject.
Does the message indicate they are now available in the repo ? Perhaps they should have the standard headers like existing packages - ie when who and the initial version.

I also noticed some oddities in other entries:
! missing blank line:

* Mon May 14 2007 Till Maas <opensource till name> - 0.9-1
- update to latest version

! missing comment for perl-File-Next:

* Mon May 14 2007 Ralf Corsépius <rc040203 freenet de> - 0.33-1
- Upstream update.




- Upstream sync

* Tue May 08 2007 Remi Collet <Fedora FamilleCollet com> 1.0.8-1

I would suggest that build system should not be allowed to make an updated package available without at least mention of the person who instigated it, and their comment {better - minimum 5 words}.

Reasoning - even in summary form - now that many people can do lots, it is more important that changes are notarized / traced.


ps: I see lots of package updates from non-redhat staff :-) This merge thing is really in action !!!

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