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Re: Fedora rawhide live images (20070517)

Will Woods <wwoods <at> redhat.com> writes:
> > _We_ the collective are aware that the x86_64 live spins can't fit on a
> > CD-R yes?  Is there time to repair this?
> Sadly, no. At least, not for F7. We've had this discussion every time
> we've released an x86_64 live image (We call them "Live Images" and not
> "LiveCD images" for a reason...)

Well, they could easily fit on a CD-R90, and in fact the GNOME-based one 
already does. The KDE one doesn't (unless you use Mode 2/XA, which means less 
error checking, so that's probably a bad idea), AFAIK because Sebastian Vahl 
decided to make use of the extra size of the DVD to enable some additional 
stuff (locales, mainly).

Of course, a CD-R90 is usually more expensive than a regular CD-R and only 
slightly cheaper than a DVD-R (and as prices vary a lot, may even be more 
expensive than a DVD-R in some places).

> x86_64 binaries are just plain bigger than their i386 counterparts.. and
> then there's the multilib thing. We'd have to drop a *bunch* of packages
> to make it work, and then i386 users would miss out on the stuff we
> dropped, for no real benefit.

Another solution would be to exclude *.i?86 on the x86_64 live CDs. That would 
cut down the extra size to a minimum. It would mean no multilib packages on 
liveinst installations though. But on the other hand, who needs multilib on a 
live CD?

        Kevin Kofler

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