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kdm conflicts in current rawhide tree

Hello all,

Due to nearing release I rather report it on-line (instead of just
opening a BZ#)
New rawhide install - done from the GNOME test4 LiveCD.

$ yum groupinstall "KDE Software Development" "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"
development               100% |=========================| 1.1 kB    00:00
extras-development        100% |=========================| 2.1 kB    00:00
Dependencies Resolved

Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
PyQt-devel              i386       3.17.1-1.fc7     development       220 k
amarok                  i386       1.4.5-4.fc7      development        18 M
arts                    i386       8:1.5.6-3.fc7    development       1.1 M
arts-devel              i386       8:1.5.6-3.fc7    development       215 k
autorun                 i386       3.20-1.1         development       106 k
digikam                 i386       0.9.1-3.fc7      development       6.8 M
digikamimageplugins     i386       0.9.1-1.fc7      development       4.2 M
gpgme                   i386       1.1.4-1.fc7      development       260 k
kaffeine                i386       0.8.3-4.fc7      development       3.0 M
kdbg                    i386       1:2.0.5-2.fc7    development       327 k
kdeaccessibility        i386       1:3.5.6-3.fc7    development       8.7 M
kdeaddons               i386       3.5.6-4.fc7      development       2.6 M
kdeartwork              i386       3.5.6-2.fc7      development       5.8 M
kdebase                 i386       6:3.5.6-10.fc7   development        28 M
kdebase-devel           i386       6:3.5.6-10.fc7   development       119 k
kdegraphics             i386       7:3.5.6-1.fc7    development       7.7 M
kdegraphics-devel       i386       7:3.5.6-1.fc7    development       106 k
kdelibs-devel           i386       6:3.5.6-7.fc7    development       1.3 M
kdemultimedia           i386       6:3.5.6-6.fc7    development       4.9 M
kdenetwork              i386       7:3.5.6-5.fc7    development        11 M
kdenetwork-devel        i386       7:3.5.6-5.fc7    development       106 k
kdepim                  i386       6:3.5.6-4.fc7    development        20 M
kdepim-devel            i386       6:3.5.6-4.fc7    development       268 k
kdesdk                  i386       3.5.6-1.fc7      development       6.6 M
kdeutils                i386       6:3.5.6-3.fc7    development       2.9 M
kdeutils-devel          i386       6:3.5.6-3.fc7    development        29 k
kdevelop                i386       9:3.3.6-1.fc7    development        14 M
kipi-plugins            i386       0.1.3-5.fc7      development       8.0 M
knetworkmanager         i386       0.1-0.9.svn20070409.fc7
development       338 k
konversation            i386       1.0.1-2.fc6      development       6.2 M
kpowersave              i386       0.7.2-1.fc7      development       3.2 M
pinentry-qt             i386       0.7.2-14.fc7     development        62 k
qt-designer             i386       1:3.3.8-4.fc7    development       1.9 M
qt-devel                i386       1:3.3.8-4.fc7    development        11 M
redhat-artwork-kde      i386       7.0.0-9.fc7      development       559 k
scim-qtimm              i386       0.9.4-6.fc7      development        63 k
scribus                 i386    development       7.7 M
speedcrunch             i386       0.7-1.fc7        development       224 k
Installing for dependencies:
OpenEXR                 i386       1.4.0a-3.fc6     development       416 k
PyQt                    i386       3.17.1-1.fc7     development       2.0 M
akode                   i386       2.0.1-6.fc7      development       100 k
akode-pulseaudio        i386       2.0.1-6.fc7      development       7.6 k
avahi-devel             i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     development        39 k
avahi-qt3               i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     development        17 k
bzip2-devel             i386       1.0.4-10.fc7     development       283 k
dbus-qt                 i386       0.70-1.fc7       development        33 k
e2fsprogs-devel         i386       1.39-11          development       561 k
exiv2                   i386       0.14-1.fc7       development       463 k
fftw                    i386       3.1.2-3.fc6      development       899 k
fltk                    i386       1.1.8-0.3.r5750.fc7  development       424 k
freeglut                i386       2.4.0-11.fc7     development       142 k
gnupg2                  i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      development       2.1 M
htdig                   i386       3:3.2.0b6-11.fc7  development       1.0 M
imlib2                  i386       1.3.0-3.fc7      development       574 k
jack-audio-connection-kit  i386       0.102.20-4.fc7   development       137 k
jasper                  i386       1.900.1-1.fc7    development       173 k
kde-settings            noarch     3.5-23.fc7       development        15 k
kde-settings-kdm        noarch     3.5-23.fc7       development        15 k
kdebindings             i386       3.5.6-1.fc7      development       5.7 M
kdelibs                 i386       6:3.5.6-7.fc7    development        18 M
kdemultimedia-extras    i386       6:3.5.6-6.fc7    development       3.4 M
kdeutils-extras         i386       6:3.5.6-3.fc7    development       947 k
kdnssd-avahi            i386       0.1.3-0.1.20060713svn.fc6
development        43 k
kdnssd-avahi-devel      i386       0.1.3-0.1.20060713svn.fc6
development        11 k
krb5-devel              i386       1.6-6            development       1.1 M
libacl-devel            i386       2.2.39-3.1.fc7   development        81 k
libattr-devel           i386       2.4.32-2.fc7     development        33 k
libfreebob              i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      development       154 k
libid3tag               i386       0.15.1b-3.fc6    development        44 k
libidn-devel            i386       0.6.8-4          development       241 k
libieee1284             i386       0.2.9-4          development        33 k
libifp                  i386    development        50 k
libkexiv2               i386       0.1.5-1.fc7      development        67 k
libkipi                 i386       0.1.5-1.fc7      development       137 k
libksba                 i386       1.0.1-1.fc7      development       105 k
libmodplug              i386       1:0.8.4-1.fc7    development       170 k
libmpcdec               i386       1.2.2-4.fc6      development        30 k
libmtp                  i386       0.1.5-1.fc7      development        65 k
libnjb                  i386       2.2.5-3.fc6      development        71 k
libofa                  i386       0.9.3-8.fc6      development        63 k
libogg-devel            i386       2:1.1.3-3.fc7    development        70 k
libsane-hpaio           i386       1.7.2-10.fc7     development        61 k
libtunepimp             i386       0.5.3-3.fc7      development       368 k
libutempter-devel       i386       1.1.4-3.fc6      development       6.8 k
libvorbis-devel         i386       1:1.1.2-2.fc7    development       348 k
lm_sensors              i386       2.10.3-2.fc7     development       512 k
mikmod                  i386       3.2.2-2.fc7      development       228 k
mysql-libs              i386       5.0.37-2.fc7     development       1.5 M
nas                     i386       1.9-1.fc7        development       647 k
openslp                 i386       1.2.1-6.fc6      development        58 k
openssl-devel           i386       0.9.8b-12.fc7    development       1.8 M
pcre-devel              i386       7.0-2            development       201 k
pinentry                i386       0.7.2-14.fc7     development        56 k
postgresql-libs         i386       8.2.3-2.fc7      development       195 k
pth                     i386       2.0.7-1.fc7      development        89 k
pulseaudio-lib          i386       0.9.5-5.fc7      development       119 k
python-imaging          i386       1.1.6-3.fc7      development       446 k
qca-tls                 i386       1.0-10.fc6       development        39 k
qt4                     i386       4.2.3-8.fc7      development       1.1 M
qt4-x11                 i386       4.2.3-8.fc7      development       5.4 M
ruby                    i386       1.8.6-2.fc7      development       518 k
ruby-libs               i386       1.8.6-2.fc7      development       1.7 M
sane-backends           i386       1.0.18-6.fc7     development       1.0 M
sane-backends-libs      i386       1.0.18-6.fc7     development       2.3 M
sip                     i386       4.6-1.fc7        development       234 k
sip-devel               i386       4.6-1.fc7        development        15 k
tcl                     i386       1:8.4.13-16.fc7  development       1.8 M
tix                     i386       1:8.4.2-1        development       332 k
tk                      i386       1:8.4.13-5.fc7   development       1.2 M
tkinter                 i386       2.5-12.fc7       development       289 k
wavpack                 i386       4.40-1.1.fc7     development       117 k
xine-lib                i386       1.1.6-2.fc7      development       2.5 M
xmms-libs               i386       1:1.2.10-36.fc7  development       243 k
xorg-x11-xdm            i386       1:1.1.3-1.fc7    development       131 k

Transaction Summary
Install    114 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 253 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Running Transaction Test
Finished Transaction Test

Transaction Check Error:
 file /usr/share/config/kdm conflicts between attempted installs of
kdebase-3.5.6-10.fc7 and kde-settings-kdm-3.5-23.fc7

Error Summary

I'll open a BZ# when I'll wake up. (It's 5:30am and I've yet to drink
my first coffee...)

- Gilboa

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