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Re: Install gives BSOD on Thinkpad T60p

> David Kramer wrote:
>> Jim Cornette wrote:
>>> You might specify which video driver that you want to use for the
>>> installation with xdriver=vesa (Or ati,sis,i810 ....)
>>> I had to use this option once when my card type did not register during
>>> the installer phase. (My case was for an SIS video)
>>> Jim
>> Can't get networking or USBstick working, so this is as best as I can
>> transcribe:
>> xdriver=ati produced the same blue screen, but /tmp/ramfs/X.log was
>> different.  In all other cases there were lots of errors (including the
>> final error) about missing fonts and font paths.  Using this option,
>> I see warnings of:
>> No monitor specified for screen "Anaconda"
>> The core pointer device wasn't specified explicitly in the layout
>> The core keyboard device wasn't specified explicitly in the layout
>> No FontPath specified
>> FontPath set to:
>> 	unix/:7100,
>> 	built0ins
>> Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket)
>> glx was loaded
>> AIGLX was enabled
>> FreeType loades, Type1 loaded
>> dri failed to load (libdrm.so.2: no such file or directory)
>> ATI loaded
>> R128 loaded
>> RADEON loaded
> What was shown in your xorg.conf file for previous installations. I had
> radeon as the driver instead of ati. There are drivers and sub-drivers
> for ati type cards. This was on an hp laptop. I'm not sure, but maybe
> xdriver=radeon would work.

I'll try that tonight.

> This sounds like a good candidate for an anaconda bug filing. Font
> errors, acpi errors, network errors and the like. there should be an
> error log generated in the /root directory if your install attempt made
> it that far along in the process. (formatted disks and wrote files to
> disk.)

I'll file the bug report, but here's the thing: I just got this laptop
last Wednesday, and if it aint gonna run Linux with X in the right aspect
ratio and usable resolution, I need to return it and eat the restocking
fee, and I need to do it by early next week at the latest.

My plan is if I can't get this working by Monday, I'm returning this and
ordering a Dell with an NVidia card that will work better as a MythTV
front end anyway.

So far, I've tried:
F7-test4: Wouldn't work at all.  Blue screen.
F7-rawhide:  Wouldn't work at all.  Blue screen.
Ubuntu: Wouldn't even try to run X, went into text install
CentOS5: The installer ran in 1/4 of the screen.  I eventually got it
running at 1400x1050.  When I tried getting it to run 1600x1050, X failed
to start.

Some of the installs identified the card as "ATI Technologies unknown
devlice 71d4", and some recognized it as the FireGL 5250 it is.

I think I've given it a fair shot.

The worst part of this is that I ordered the laptop on 04/11, and it took
a full month to get it.

> PS - Text installation was pretty much neglected when I tried to do a
> text install before with 'linux text'

I would put up with the pain of the text install if system-confog-display
would give me workable X after the install.

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