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IDE drive detection under libata

I have a problem with the new IDE drivers under libata. I maintain
the Linux Complete Backup and Recovery HOWTO, available at the Linux
Documentation Project, or at

The HOWTO includes several scripts which one runs at backup
time. These collect metadata (partition information, e.g.) and create
a series of one can use for bare metal recovery. The user should be
able to boot any recent Linux (probably a live CD), e.g. finnix, and
run the scripts to get a minimal running system, ready for further
data recovery.

I can run my backup scripts on F7T4 and they see the IDE drives as
SCSI drives. So all the restoration scripts refer to /dev/sd*. Not all
recovery distributions of Linux (e.g. finnix) have the IDE drives show
up as SCSI drives (/dev/sd*). So they will want to point to IDE drives
as /dev/hd*.

Some questions:

* At backup time, is there any way to detect whether a drive that
  appears as /dev/sdX is an IDE drive?

* At backup time, is there any way to find out which /dev/hdX drive it
  would be so I can mung the restoration scripts approriately.

* I found several comments on this list and elsewhere that indicate
  that /dev/hda will map to /dev/sda. Is this always true?

Thank you


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