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Fedora 7 RC Live / install media - set up jigdo download

Jeremy Katz wrote:
RC of the Fedora 7 Live image set (i686, x86_64, i686 KDE and x86_64
KDE) are now available at http://torrent.fedoraproject.org.
Note that the i686 images require an i686 class machine and should be
able to be burned on 700 meg CD images.

The x86_64 images are more intended for DVD media, but brave souls may
get away with the extended CD formats :-)


Would it be possible to provide jigdo files describing both the live and release candidate spins. Along with a lot of testers, I'm likely to already have about 90% or more of the files that are included on either testing media from local development repos or previous iso downloads. If that is the case, then it's a huge waste of bandwidth even from our community of torrent sharers.

I expect that you might not want to include fedora actual sites as a download sources {for bw reasons}. You could provide an empty
[Servers] section with an indicator of:
# Please enter the path to your already downloaded files:

#   iso images: your older mounted iso image:
#     -mount it with a command like:
# mount -o loop /home/fedora/7test4/F-6.93-i386-DVD.iso\
# /home/fedora/7test4/disc

#   written iso media  {following is fake path}

# your downloaded development files

# your own isp's download mirror

The tester will need to modify the server section, or we could come up with a preferred download / mirroring location for testers machines so that it 'just works' [good luck ;-) ]

ps. if Fedora project people can't do it perhaps a tester who has been able to download isos already could run the jigsaw download creator, and post the template and jigdo files somewhere... The jigdo might only be about 1MB, while the templates might be around 50MB {and might be better shared as torrent} when compared to both the amount of data to be sent with a torrent or the original download.

fedoraunity provide a helper page at: http://fedorasolved.org/post-install-solutions/jigdo


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