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Re: Fedora 7 Final testing

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 14:39:51 -0500,
> I looked through the xorg log and it looks like it is picking up reasonable
> possible modes for the monitor from direct probing.
> However the modes I would like are being rejected when checked against the
> video card as either "width too large for virtual size" or "height too large
> for virtual size".
> I remember seeing some discussion about the nv driver recently in regard
> to rawhide installs, so I'll see if I can find those or just drive to
> use the other driver.

Uninstalling the nouvea driver didn't help.

I found that changing the max colors did help. However the system config
menu for doing this has problems. The possible screen resolutions and
color depth should interact but don't. So that when in 24bit mode you
can't specify a change to both a lower color depth and a higher resolution
that won't work with the current color depth. Or perhaps worse, you can
choose a higher color depth when at a resolution that won't work with it
and then end up having to reboot in level 3 when your login screen is

So I think I can do what I want now, but perhaps I should bugzilla how the
config menu works?

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