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BS 232862 - error located and a suggested correction for anaconda early swap activation

I spent some time reading over the anaconda sources this morning, and I think
I located why anaconda is wiping out the LVM it already established when going
to format filesystems.

in packages.py, in hte definition of turnOnFilesystems(), there is no check to
see if the filesystems are active already.  In the partitioningComplete()
function there is a check to keep one from going back into the partitioning
step [checking anaconda.id.fsset.isActive()] that seems to be missing from

It should be checked and some of the steps should not be done if isActive()
returns the proper status.

Considering that I'm just learning to read python, this may be too simplistic
an analysis.  But it has been educational to read the anaconda sources.  My
respect goes to the developers of anaconda for keeping it so clean and
straightforward to read.  That is some really impressive code.


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