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Re: rhgb not at full screen with intel driver

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
hello, on my Dell SX280 with a 17" 1706FPV LCD I have the intial rhgb
graphic part that doesn't fit all the screen. Top sx corner is ok but
at the right and bottom sides I have black sectors. Something like a
1024x768 in a 1280x1024 available area.
After init part when X reloads I correctly get the gdm login screen.
I'm using intel driver, not the i810.

I have somewhat similar problems here on a Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop on F7T4. The i810 driver gives me the proper rhgb screen while the Intel driver gives a blank screen with a blue background. gdm is correct in both cases. Perhaps I get the correct rhgb screen since the display is only 1280x800.

I was using the i810 driver so I could use the TV out capability of the 915GM video chip but switched to the Intel driver to get suspend to work. It now turns out that something about the TV out setup in xorg.conf is what's breaking suspend since I can use a non-TV configuration with both drivers. I haven't been able to sort it out yet - so many options, so little documentation as to how it all works together.

I have the distinct feeling that the Intel driver is still half-baked while the i810 driver isn't being kept up-to-date...

Jeff Guerdat

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