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Re: rawhide working towards F8

--- Jim Cornette <fct-cornette insight rr com> wrote:

> > Is it best to leave machine as is and come back
> last
> > week of August and yum update it?  or update it
> via
> > test release for f8?
> > 
> I used to run a rawhide installed machine that was
> upstairs where I do 
> not go often. It seemed to take two to 4four month
> rests without much 
> trouble between updates.
> So it might be alright or you might have some
> problems with the 
> temporary timeout. I feel that you should be able to
> recover with not a 
> great amount of difficulty, if any.
> Jim
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I guess, this is the route I will take.  Thanks for
sharing your experiences.



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