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Re: rawhide working towards F8

On 5/31/07, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com> wrote:
Dear all,

   Now rawhide will push towards f8 release.  I will
be out for summer, I will not be able to help with
testing other than tomorrow except for a laptop and it
will be hard to test *will be on dialup and no working
connection under linux*.  If I put my machine away and
come last week of August and run yum update will it
hurt me and the testing process in any way, other than
get the test release(s) and run update from there.

<presto pimp mode>
Have you heard of presto? deltarpm for yum...
That plugin cuts my data download during FC6 updates for 50-70%
So it makes updates possible even on slower connections because it
uses a lot much smaller downloads to do the update!

I love this plugin and it works great on 2 of my FC6 boxes without any problems.
F7 support will be soon be enabled and I can't wait for that to happen.
If you can look it up and I hope this gets enabled by default in F8!

</presto pimp mode>

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