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Re: Koji


I'm still discovering all the items I like!  So far being able to test
immediately has my attention, ie: testing for an ICH7 kernel that has
sound!! :D.  I've also enjoyed being able to easily read the change
log associated and the ability to download a previous version if
something goes wrong.

But most impressive is the level of integration required to make it
all happen.  Credit is due, you guys know what your doing!  Innovation
like this is exactly what Linux needs...

Thanks for all the hard work!


p.s. I wonder when m$s build system will be online??

On 5/31/07, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 16:47 +0200, Valent Turkovic wrote:
> On 5/31/07, Dr. Diesel <dr diesel gmail com> wrote:
> > Pleased yes!  For some reason your not?? *puzzled* :)
> >
> > On 5/31/07, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> > > On 5/31/07, Dr. Diesel <dr diesel gmail com> wrote:
> > > > You guys are awesome!  Very impressive......

Dr. Diesel - What about it do you like? I'm curious.

> > >
> > > Is this spam or someone really pleased with Koji? *puzzled*
> I'm really pleased with Fedora - but I don't understand what is so
> great about koji? I haven't really used it so pardon my ignorance -
> but please explain it.

So, Koji is our new build system, which we set up after F7t4. You can
check it out here:

(Yes, we replaced the entire build system for Fedora, just 3 weeks
before the release of F7. Yes, we are a little bit crazy. But we said we
would merge Core and Extras and get a release out by May 31 and by God,
we did.)

Koji is very cool for the package developers too, but I'm not much of a
developer so we won't get into that.

For us testers, the most obvious benefit is that we all have access to
newly-built packages the *moment* the builds complete.

If you are waiting to test a fix, you don't need to wait for rawhide to
update, or for the package(s) to get pushed to updates-testing. The
developer can say, "Hey, go grab the latest 'screen' update from koji".

You hit the "Search" box, type in "screen", and poof:

Every build of 'screen' ever. Click one and you can see the changelogs,
build logs, whatever. You can see who built it and when. You can
download whichever packages you like.

There's a lot more cool stuff, but that alone is enough to make me
deliriously happy.

Fun tip: right-click on the "search" box in firefox and select "Add a
Keyword for this Search...". Add a bookmark with the keyword "koji", and
now you can just type:
"koji [packagename]" (e.g.: "koji kernel")
in the firefox address bar to go straight to the koji page for that

Any other koji tips and tricks people want to share? This koji thing is
really cool and we're just starting to see its potential. Plus a lot of
people worked reeeally hard on it and they'll be happy to hear how much
people like it!


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